This site is no longer maintained. has been around almost as long as Bugzilla itself, across many pieces of hardware over the years. The original purpose of landfill was to provide a development environment for trusted Bugzilla developers who didn't have access to a server to play on, and to run automated testing on code commits to Bugzilla. For many years now, there hasn't been a laptop or desktop computer that isn't capable of running Bugzilla locally for development, thus the underlying need for a shared development environment is gone. The automated testing has moved to Circle-CI. Without anyone actively using it, it hasn't been getting the attention it needs and is showing its age.

We'll be shutting the server down and disposing of it at the end of July 2018.

If you're in desparate need of something that used to be here, please contact justdave on the #bugzilla channel on

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